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"Aerofied will be the supplier and product database that R&D engineering professionals everywhere have been waiting for. I fully endorse Aerofied and can't wait to use it myself!"

- Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems/Sr. EEE, Composites, and M&P Engineer's Supplier Database will provide the following benefits to Suppliers supporting the Advanced Manufacturing industries:

aerofied for professionals

"I am very pleased with the process NSMF has presented to me, which in turn has saved my buyers hours of searching for what NSMF already had available or have easily found. I think you will find NSMF's business model and approach beneficial."

- Boeing Military Aircraft/Manager of Supplier Management will help you in the following ways:
  • Aerofied will be the supplier and product database that R&D engineering professionals everywhere have been waiting for. I fully endorse Aerofied and can’t wait to use it myself!

    • Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems/Sr. EEE, Composites, and M&P Engineer
  • NSMF has given our company greater visibility and increased opportunities within the large Aerospace and Defense companies we are already an approved Supplier to. These opportunities would not have been afforded to us if NSMF did not have the trust of our customers.

    • NSMF Preferred Supplier
  • Being one of Boeing’s top Suppliers we still had the hardest time getting noticed by the other locations of Boeing. NSMF really helped to increase the presence of our company as a key Boeing approved Supplier; which has allowed us to support new divisions.

    • NSMF Preferred Supplier
  • NSMF with Collin Jager at the lead is one of our most valued marketing tools. I would strongly recommend any company looking to increase its presence in the Aerospace and Defense sectors to partner with NSMF.

    • NSMF Preferred Supplier
  • Within weeks of joining NSMF’s Supplier Network we had a crew onsite creating our custom video to help showcase our core competencies to the larger audience of tier one and OEM potential customers. We have had the opportunity to bid large long term contracts with major OEM’s from introductions made by NSMF.

    • NSMF Preferred Supplier
  • We have met other companies within NSMF that we never before would have found to help us in our efforts to reduce cost and schedule.

    • NSMF Preferred Supplier
  • I believe that partnering with NSMF is a benefit that any growing company should have. They have a network that is in continuous growth, and they have the ability to showcase your talents where you would never before have the opportunities.

    • NSMF Preferred Supplier
  • My first visit with Collin in regard to his company and the service he was offering was way out of the box with how most, what I will call sales people usual are offering. I have to say that I was more than a bit skeptical with his business model. After meeting with him and then taking time to review and consider what his company was offering I made the decision to meet with him again and had two additional procurement managers join with me.
    After this second meeting I decided to test out his business plan on two 2nd source efforts I was considering and have been very pleased with the data and contacts he has been able to generate in support of my needs. I have since had NSMF take on the task of finding additional potential suppliers to support my requirements.
    I am very pleased with the process he has presented to me, which in turn has saved my buyers hours of searching for what Collin already had available or has easily found.
    I think you will find his business model and approach beneficial.

    • Boeing Military Aircraft/ Manager of Supplier Management
  • National Sales and Marketing Force LLC (NSMF) is supporting our strategic sourcing efforts in support of new weapons’ systems within Boeing Phantom Works, through finding appropriate, high performing suppliers that are associated with NSMF.

    • Boeing Phantom Works/Proprietary Supplier Manager of Adv. Missile & Unmanned Airborne Systems

about nsmf

Founded in 2010, National Sales and Marketing Force LLC (NSMF) is dedicated to the Advanced Manufacturing industry with an early focus in Aerospace, Defense, and Medical Device manufacturing. Our goal is to make it easier for Suppliers, and Advanced Manufacturing Professionals to connect and interact with each other in a non-intrusive environment.

NSMF has been fortunate to prove out its business model with key Supply Chain & Engineering professionals from The Boeing Company, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, L-3 Communications, ATK Aerospace, B/E Aerospace, Triumph Aerostructures, Honeywell Aerospace, etc. NSMF will continue to grow its professionals database to support them and the industry’s best Suppliers.

media partner

NSMF has partnered with some of the largest Advanced Manufacturing organizations in the world to better support the Suppliers, and Industry Professionals it supports.


social leader

NSMF’s founder, Collin Jager gravitated towards social technology to build his, and the company’s brand. As a result Collin has built one of the largest social networks on LinkedIn specifically geared towards advanced manufacturing. Through his LinkedIn network, Collin has been able to facilitate hundreds of introductions over the past four years.

nsmf video productions

NSMF Video Productions was created to allow a Supply Chain or Engineering professional to see a Suppliers facility, and capabilities without having to physically be on-site.

NSMF Produced Facility Tour videos are designed with the end customer in mind, providing them with everything they want to see, and nothing they don’t. Facility Tour videos are produced in less than 2 weeks after filming, and will be added to the Suppler’s Aerofied profile. The Supplier will also be given a High Definition copy of their video to support their own marketing objectives.


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